BJM – Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal

BJM – Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal

An internationally renowned repertory company, BJM has continued to grow with all the energy and spirit of exploration for which it has been known since its birth in 1972. Thanks to the enduring faith of Geneviève Salbaing and co-founders Eva Von Gencsy and Eddy Toussaint, this vitality has made its mark through the years. Since Louis Robitaille was nominated Artistic Director in 1998, BJM is now, more than ever, in tune with the times. While preserving the essence of the company, BJM works today with some of the most prestigious figures in the world of dance and contemporary ballet.

Allowing the full expression of each dancer’s identity is crucial to BJM’s distinctive style. These high level, eclectic artists perfectly represent the company’s spirit. Thanks to their unique personalities and the quality of their performances, they invariably captivate audiences and critics across the world. By promoting our core values such as openness and community, Louis Robitaille has transformed BJM into a genuine research laboratory. The dancers are given the opportunity to develop alongside internationally renowned creators who are regularly invited to share their innovative ideas in the form of creative residencies. BJM’s successes stem from an exceptional chemistry where every creation is the result of a unique and energizing meeting between choreographer and dancer.

Faced with the tensions and uncertainties in today’s world, BJM has chosen to remain faithful to an aesthetic form of dance, which can also have an uplifting effect on the soul. This has earned it the title « feel good company », often employed by both the public and the media. Displaying its radiant and expressive style, BJM explores the creative side of contemporary trends, yet is still firmly committed to classical aesthetics. Making a conscious effort to remain accessible, BJM brings to stage creations, which speak to both neophytes and informed audiences.

BJM has recently had the pleasure to collaborate with such well-known figures of contemporary dance as Crystal Pite (Vancouver), Rodrigo Pederneiras (of the Brazilian company Grupo Corpo), Mauro Bigonzetti (of the Italian company Aterballeto), Aszure Barton (New York), Cayetano Soto (Spain), Wen Wei Wang (Canada), Barak Marshall (Israel and USA), Itzik Galili (Amsterdam) Annabelle Lopez Ochoa (Amsterdam). With such prestigious names gracing its repertoire, BJM offers a mutually enhancing experience based on both openness and stylistic diversity.