Mono Lisa

Mono Lisa

// Itzik Galili

Mono Lisa, choreographed by Itzik Galili, is danced to sounds based on the noises of a typewriter. It opens on several rows of spots, casting a bold light on the dark stage, creating the atmosphere of a factory plant. In these bizarre spatial surroundings, filled with sounds and visions of iron and steel, a couple of dancers in rust-colored costumes twist and turn, twine and entwine in extraordinary convolutions and rapidity, with the partners always defying gravity. The incredible acrobatics are executed with breathtaking control.

“Movement is my language, my means of communicating; a wordless language which makes it all the more eloquent,” Itzik Galili.

“Galili’s art lies in his capacity to balance abstration and narration with finesse, creating works that impress themselves strongly upon us. He is one of the only a few choreographers working in the Netherlands today who can structure a fragile equilibrium between humour, aggression, lyricism, sex and elegance,”

Michael A. Kros, Ballettanz International, March 2007