50 years, in full motion!

For the past 50 years, Ballets Jazz Montréal has embodied longevity, excellence, innovation, and above all, passion. 

Invested with the weight of experience, the Company transcends eras and borders. Our only true age is that of the heart. Even after all these years, we still firmly believe that dance, when interpreted with conviction, can speak to each and every one of us. The BJM identity may have evolved over the years, but the freedom and spirit of jazz still flow freely in our veins.

Entering the world of BJM means…

Gaining access to an impressive repertoire from the world’s top and up-and-coming choreographers.

Being dazzled by creations unlike any other, works pulsing with passion and talent, brought to life by strong personalities who fearlessly push the limits of dance.

Being swept away by powerful sensations and unforgettable moments, with performances electrified by choreographic currents echoing across the globe.

Discovering a troupe of inexhaustible globe-trotters, proud ambassadors who have been applauded in 68 countries and on all continents.

BJM artists give freely of themselves, body and soul. It’s a gift that’s immediate, genuine and visceral. They have spent the last 50 years dancing for audiences, and they continue to push themselves each and every day. In full motion.

We want our 50th anniversary season to light up the world like a supernova. A season that dance lovers everywhere will be talking about for the next 50 years. May our star forever shine bright.