Contact Information

1210, Sherbrooke E. Street
Montreal QC H2L 1L9 Canada
T. (514) 982-6771
F. (514) 982-9145

Marie-Joëlle Tremblay
Executive Director
T. 514-982-6771 (Ext.8)

Jeremy Raia
Artistic Director – Repertoire (in interim)
T. 514-982-6771 (Ext.4)

Eric Jean
Creation Director (in interim)

Andrew Mikhaiel
Artistic Coordinator

Louis Morisset
Technical Director
T. 514-777-9471

Josée Kleinbaum
Tour Director
T. 514-982-6771 (Ext.7)

Liane Barriault
Administration and Finance Manager
T. 514-982-6771 (Ext.3)

Gabrielle Paquin
Administration and Accounting Technician
T. 514-982-6771 (Ext.6)

Alexia Deruard
Communications Manager
T. 514-982-6771 (Ext.5)

Mariane Prégent
Projects Manager Communication
T. 514-982-6771 (Ext.29)

Yumi Palleschi
Fundraising and Sponsorhip Manager
T. 514-982-6771 (Ext.30)

Denis Bergeron
International Development Manager
T. 514-982-6771 (Ext. 31)