Casualties of Memory

Casualties of Memory

// Itzik Galili


The opening image of Itzik Galili’s latest choreographic feat explodes traditional societal notions of Western patriarchy.

Men and women are not to be regarded as separate beings. Instead, Galili constructs a sensual environment in which man supports woman, woman supports man, allowing each other to be on and off balance, with perfect agency. They know… They will be there to catch one another. In perfect symbiosis, joy and passionate energy emerge from the dancers and from the rush of the darbuka percussive music played by Les Frères Grand.

A blend of ethnic and contemporary dance movement, full of curvilinear and visceral power, this ballet emphasizes gender equality. Woman as man. Man as woman. Dance at the extremity of the body’s limits. In this moment, the soul collides and the mind forgets, if only for a moment, that there are differences that divide us.