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Benjamin Millepied

Danced to Mad Rush by composer Philip Glass, the duo Closer by Benjamin Millepied was created in 2006 for Céline Cassone and Sébastien Marcovici (principal dancer of the New York City Ballet). Presented and acclaimed on several stages around the world, Closer proves to be a voluptuous and rhythmic exchange, of a simple but intense sensuality, that of the tension between two bodies.

For around twenty minutes, Céline is carried, dragged, lifted, with movements of clear beauty and delicacy, gripping the emotions of the spectators, in turn transported into the couple's passionate story. Added to this performance is the melody Mad Rush vibrating throughout the room, bringing out the purity of the dancers’ feelings.

This work benefited from the valuable support of Mr. Uriel G. Luft.

"This immense phrase carried by two hypnotic performers, guest artists Céline Cassone and Alexander Hille, marks Millepied’s talent for duets and the work of love revisited through dance. (…) Nooses of a pas de deux constantly renewed according to a flow of energy without a hitch. A dream of organic partnership, idyllic even, which conveys a certain idea of romanticism of equals in soft gradients of light. Closer sparked a standing ovation from the audience."

- Rossita Boisseau, Le Monde (Paris, France)

Choreography Benjamin Millepied

Music Philip Glass

Lighting Daniel Ranger, after Roderick Stewart Murray

Costumes UNTTLD, Simon Bélanger and José Manuel St-Jacques

World Premiere Montréal, Canada, September 2012

Duration 17 minutes

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