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Wen Wei Wang

In this creation for Ballets Jazz Montréal, Wen Wei Wang is inspired by urban life, and particularly the city's nightlife. A city evoked in sounds, rhythms and music, with the incessant flashing of the lights of large metropolises as a backdrop. An energetic work where love, loss, sexuality and joy coexist. A perpetual movement combining contemporary ballet with street dance where performances of groups, trios, duos and solos will alternate. Wen Wei Wang recommends an all-light approach for this new creation, recreating the different spectra of the night city: private place, nightclub or even street scene. The choreographer worked with Montreal designers UNTTLD to create a new and refreshing style inspired by urban street style.

“The dancers embody the fauna of nightclubs, facing not the public, but the video projection of the excitement of a big city. Their ample movements, reminiscent of strange birds, they will form different scenes, some in search of romance, others in search of thrills in the urban night. Angular and jerky movements sit alongside others, fluid and acrobatic."

- Joëlle Desjardins, Nord Info (Quebec, Canada)

"This work is about people and their everyday lives through their body language, energy and emotions. A work reflecting the world in which we lived. A very big thank you to the performers for their collaborative spirit and their generous contribution to the concept."

- Joëlle Desjardins, Nord Info (Quebec, Canada)

Choreographer Wen Wei Wang

Music Amute, Olaf Bender, The Steals & Grafiti, Giorgio Magnanensi, Max Richter, Paul Rogers, Victoria R. Senking

Lighting James Proudfoot

Costumes UNTTLD, Simon Bélanger and José Manuel St-Jacques


Production Catherine Faucher

Creation Denis Dulude and Christian Lalumière

Collaborator Christian Mouzard

World Premiere Erie, United States, April 2012

Duration 35 minutes

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