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Mauro Bigonzetti

Former director and choreographer of Aterballetto, one of the most famous dance companies in Italy, Mauro Bigonzetti offers Rossini Cards - a baroque and excessive style whose classical base shamelessly rubs shoulders with a resolutely modern technique. This dazzling marriage between sumptuous choreography and the music of Rossini, one of the emblematic figures of Italian opera, invites the spectator to a sort of high mass, to the celebration of an immense feast caused by the timeless encounter of two Italian maestros: Mauro Bigonzetti and Rossini.

Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1868) is considered one of the great opera reformers of the 19th century. At the same time brilliant, brilliant and devilishly epicurean, Rossini likes to blur the lines by giving, in particular, a false image of himself, most often that of an inveterate slacker. Among his masterpieces, we owe him Il barbiere di Siviglia, L’italiana in Algeri and Guillaume Tell.

"Heavily imbued with the Italian collective consciousness, his universe appears to be steeped in fine musical and pictorial culture, that is to say telluric, gustatory, sensual, willingly plethoric. His choreographic writing, however, remains rigorous, precise, structured down to the detail."

- Aline Apostolska, La Presse (Montreal, Canada)

"The performance that followed was technically impressive and artistically accessible. The audience was delighted, a smile could be seen on everyone's lips during the intermission and at the end of the show."

- Jennifer Brewer, Portland Press Herald (Portland, United States)

Choreography Mauro Bigonzetti

Assistant to the choreographer Sveva Berti

Music Gioacchino Rossini

Costume Design Helena de Medeiros

Lighting Carlo Cerri

Photography William Hébert

World Premiere Philadelphia, United States, February 2009

Duration 52 minutes

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