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Andonis Foniadakis

Andonis Foniadakis offers for this third collaboration with the company, a brand new deep and sensual duet, like the vibrations transmitted by the song Ball and Chain. An original version of Big Mama Thorton, Ball and Chain was made popular by Janis Joplin and covered especially for this creation by Ballets Jazz Montréal by the captivating and flamboyant Quebec artist Angel Forrest. The strength and exalted fluidity of the two company artists highlight the meaning and impulses transmitted in this anthological song. This creation bears the distinctive mark of the choreographer and Ballets Jazz Montréal characterized by pure energy and extraordinary physical power.

"Life is easy, little one! Think outside the box. Walk the wire. Do not turn around. Exist. Passionately. To insanity. Climb to seventh heaven, without thinking about tomorrow. Never hesitate. Don't deprive yourself of anything. Live hard and die young. You're a legend."

- Andonis Foniadakis

"The duo gives their all in the rapid and explosive gestures: lots of lifts and contact between the two dancers. The result is phenomenal! We can't help but remain captivated by their energy."

- Catherine Bellefleur, Dfdanse (Montreal, Canada)

Choreography Andonis Foniadakis

Music Ball and Chain interpreted by Angel Forrest and accompanied by Sylvain Coulombe, Alec McElcheran, and Ricky Paquette

Lighting Mikki Kunttu

Costume Design Andonis Foniadakis

Costume Production Anne-Marie Veevaete

World Premiere Chartres, France, December 2018

Duration 9 minutes

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