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In celebration of Women's History Month, Ballets Jazz Montreal is proud to unveil a heartfelt collaboration entitled "Equilibrium" with the photographer, visual artist, mother, and feminist - Maude Arsenault.


Continuing in the company's lineage of strong women, Alexandra Damiani, our Artistic Director, who identifies as a mother, mentor, and advocate for a human approach, is no stranger to the adversities that plague women in the dance world.


In Le Devoir, Maude explains that a significant part of her recent practice denounces the oppression and aggression committed against women and does so by using gentleness. Her practice is defined by the power of gentleness as an act of resistance.


For the next month, we will be unveiling one photo each day from this creative encounter on our social media platforms. Above, we offer you a Making-of video by Ariane Tara. We hope you enjoy this collaboration. It is our small contribution to all the incredible women whose voices and grit have shaped this company.



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