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Touring Director & Production Manager

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From the age of six, Montreal-born Josée Kleinbaum travelled the world in her imagination by visiting Expo 67 every day with her family! In that same year, she also began her classical ballet studies with Eric Hyrst, principal dancer with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens.


At the age of twelve, her artistic journey evolved, and she began competing in roller figure skating – dance. With her then partner, she stood at the top of the podium on several occasions at the provincial, national, and international levels. Following a masterclass with Rosella Hightower in Cannes, France in 1979, she met a Montreal artistic director who was highly influential in nurturing her creative interests in her next chapter.


Soon after, Ms. Kleinbaum began her professional life as a stage manager at a prominent Montreal-based ballet company. With the company, she acquired her first experiences behind the scenes and worked in theatres across Canada, France, Belgium, Colombia, Mexico, and the United States.


In 1985, she moved to Toronto and by the end of 1986, she gave birth to her most beautiful conception… her daughter!


A few months later, Josée returned to work, adding another string to her bow, this time as Assistant Director at the Théâtre Français in Toronto. During this period, she worked alongside Danny Grossman and was also a stage manager at the Première Dance Theater for guest companies.


At the end of her period in the Queen City, she returned to Montreal as the Company Manager for the production Les Misérables representing producers Cameron Mackintosh (London) and David Mirvish – Ed Mirvish Productions (Toronto).


While in Montreal, Josée took on several contracts in addition to her usual duties as production manager for theatre companies. A few years later, in 2003, she became Tour Manager with Disques Victoire, representing artists like Mes Aïeux, Luc De Larochelière, Geneviève Bilodeau, and Alexandre Poulin.


In 2013, Josée made her grand return to the world of dance when she accepted the role of Project Manager for Les Grands Ballets Canadien’s Nutcracker Market.


Since 2018, Josée has been with Ballets Jazz Montréal, where she actively participates in the development, planning and logistics of tours in addition to overseeing the production of new creations. She still looks forward to new challenges in this team whose values and actions continue to motivate her.

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