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Music by Patrick Watson

VANISHING MÉLODIES is rooted in the music of Montreal author, composer, and performer Patrick Watson, whose evocative poetry has been hailed on stages across the globe.


Submerged in a dreamlike world often found in Watson’s music, the artists are drawn into life’s current and suspended in a state of transition. It is in this rich but complex state - central to the human experience - that paradoxes lie, and seeds of self-discovery grow. They must leave something or strip a part of themself to make space for something new to enter.


With the bus shelter as their eerie refuge, the artists fluidly drift in and out of arrivals and departures. This perpetual state of motion, impermanence and transit drives the artists to continue to search for their own answers. Floating. Uncertain how the journey will end but trusting that by riding the wave, they will arrive at the correct destination. At peace with uncertainty of the path that vanishes like smoke.


Tinged with lyricism and raw emotion, VANISHING MÉLODIES is a testament to the remarkable choreographic language of Juliano Nunes (Germany) and Anne Plamondon (Canada) and the inspired direction of Eric Jean. In this work of twenty musical pieces, these three artists intertwine their talents to create a work in perfect synergy with Watson’s music – human, vulnerable, and tender.

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" And I will remember…
Even if I’m drifting far away/
But I will remember…
Even if I’m fading all away/
I dip my hands into the sea/
Oh, I’ll pour the ocean over me/
And after all the tides had swallowed all the shore/ I couldn’t find you anymore "

— Patrick Watson in Drifters

Creative Direction & Staging Eric Jean

Choreography Juliano Nunes and Anne Plamondon

Dramaturgy Pascal Chevarie

Music Patrick Watson

Sound Environment & Musical Editing Alexis Dumais

Decor Pierre-Étienne Locas

Light Cedric Delorme-Bouchard

Video Julien Blais

Suits Marie Chantale Vaillancourt

Photos Sasha Onyshchenko

Promotional Video Acemedia


Actress Brigitte Saint-Aubin or Louise Cardinal


Artists Alyssa Allen, Gustavo Barros, Yosmell Calderon Mejias, John Canfield, Tuti Cedeño, Astrid Dangeard, Shanna Irwin, Ausia Jones, Miu Kato, DaMond LeMonte Garner, Larissa Leung, Austin Lichty, Marcel Mejia, and Andrew Mikhaiel


Duration (without intermission) 60 minutes

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