“Leonard Cohen’s Dance Me is clever, oblique, and experiential. It washes over you like a shower of song and thought. It belongs in the pantheon of Canadian dance treasures.”

– Paula Citron, Ludwig van Toronto

“Dance Me took the audience on a wide-ranging emotional journey. Artistically, it was beautiful in its precision and grace. The show’s choreography played continuously with shape, as dancers entwined as supposed lovers or performed impressive lifts. Clothed mostly in black, the dancers created not a visual spectacle, but a profoundly moving and aesthetically fascinating, visceral experience.”

– Katherine DeCoste, The Gateway

“BJM is known for presenting contemporary work that fuses different genres, while still basing itself on the aesthetics of ballet (…). Under the artistic direction of Louis Robitaille, the company strives to present work that is both high quality and accessible to audiences. Dance Me truly represented those key values with brilliant dance artists and innovative musical, light, and media design.

– Debra Danese, The Dance Journal

“Under the artistic direction of Louis Robitaille from Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal, the production oscillates between contemporary dance with a capital C and theatrical performance art. Sweeping, fast-paced and sensuous, dancers lock tight in various entanglements then explode across the stage drenched in strobes of white light, silhouette and shadow. A spectacular display of nuevo ballet that’s charged and intense throughout.”

– B. Simm, Beatroute.ca

“The work opens with a mesmerizing slow motion play of light and shadow on two bodies in sculptural flux, connecting and disconnecting, limbs entwining, long lines softening into curves and spirals.”
– Karen Campbell, The Boston Globe

“The choreography features the kind of fearless, dissident aesthetic that many classically trained dancers can’t pull off, but BJM’s dancers throw themselves headlong into the challenge. It all makes for addictive entertainment.”

– Martha Schabas, The Globe and Mail

“Performing at a sadistically fast pace, BJM’s dancers blazed through fitful and relentless choreography dense with flailing arm movements, jumps, roundhouse kicks and falls.  If the character Hilarion in classical ballet’s “Giselle” were forced to dance to death in present time, it would surely look like this. The stamina-busting choreography was something to marvel at for its sheer creativity and exhilarating brilliance.”

– Steve Sucato, Cleveland Dance

“The dancing was poignant, with fresh, sharp and exaggerated movements glittering on stage. The emotions were ripe with a richness that was clear to see, feel and hear with animated facial expressions and punctuated accents.”

– Jamie Murdoch, ArtSpring

“The company has always presented hard-driving, exciting performances that resonate with audiences.”
– Jane Vranish, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

« The dancers’ precision and coordinated action were brilliant. »
– Victor Swoboda, Montreal Gazette, November 27, 2015

“BJM is a top class dance company. Their dancers will change your view of what the art-form is all about.”
– Philly Stage, The Inquirer Daily News