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Aszure Barton

"Les Chambres des Jacques has as its starting point the exploration of the human being in the dancer, in particular his life and his interior dramas. In contrast, Jack in a Box addresses the outer limits of the body. Through its structure and form, the work this time questions the growth, etiquette and power of the group as a collective whole."

- Aszure Barton

Highly anticipated by the public and critics, this latest creation by Aszure Barton follows the first part Les Chambres des Jacques.

A co-production of the Banff Centre, the National Arts Center, and the Canada Dance Festival.

A work dedicated to Marjorie and Gerald Bronfman.

"A few years ago, in this space [The egg], I chose 'the desert island dance company' – The troupe I wish I could watch over and over again if I had to choose just one (…) After Friday evening's performance by Ballets Jazz Montréal, I know which dance piece I would take with me to this island: Jack in a Box by Aszure Barton."

- Tresca Weinstein, Times Union (Albany, United States)

"This contemporary dance company is undoubtedly one of the most popular in the country."

- Salena Kitteringham, Edmonton Journal (Edmonton, Canada)

Choreography Aszure Barton, in collaboration with the dancers of Ballets Jazz Montréal

Assistant to the choreographer Ian Robinson

Music Antiphonia Barbatuques, Robert Charlebois & Marcel Sabourin, Kodo Las Rubias Del Norte, Les Yeux Noirs, Mannheim Steamroller, NY DRUM Sequentia

Sound Design Aszure Barton and Ian Robinson

Accessories Antonin Sorel

Costume Design Anne-Marie Veevaete

Costume Production François DeSerres

Lighting Daniel Ranger

Photography Jean Tremblay

World Premiere Ottawa, Canada, June 2008

Duration 41 minutes

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