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Aszure Barton

Les Chambres des Jacques offers a form of dialogue between the choreographer and the dancers, an almost interactive exploration, focused on a human dimension that oscillates between the everyday and the grotesque, between the banal and the unexpected. A choreography acclaimed by critics and the public during its recent international tour.

To allow this “real life” to blossom in the bodies of its dancers, Aszure Barton says it has transformed the dance studios into a veritable asylum of peace, madmen or fights, a place of all possibilities, from where emerges a material that is often raw, authentic, both intimate and universal.

Exploring the individual in all its facets and to the heart of its animality, Aszure Barton weaves its web from the small personal tics noted jumbled between the movements of the dancers, or even from the multiple details that make up their personality. Small imperfections that pay homage to the beauty and fragility of being.

"A dance that breaks the veneer of civility and good morals. […] Stringing together a rigodon from Gilles Vigneault to Vivaldi through gypsy and klezmer music would lead anyone to disaster. Ms. Barton and the BJM Danse dancers make it a feat."

- Le Devoir (Montreal, Canada)

"A sensitive fresco, imbued with sweet madness."

- La Presse (Montreal, Canada)

"An exceptional achievement in the world of contemporary dance. Barton's alarming and absolutely original language resonates like a deaf voice."

- The Boston Globe (Boston, United States)

Choreography Aszure Barton

Assistant to the choreographer Ariel Freedman

Music Gilles Vigneault, Antonio Vivaldi, Les Yeux Noirs, The Cracow Klezmer, Band Alberto Iglesias

Costume Design Anne-Marie Veevaete

Costume Production François DeSerres

Lighting Daniel Ranger

Photography Grégory Batardon

World Premiere Albany, United States, October 2006

Duration 36 minutes

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