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Cayetano Soto

Zero in on someone/something: Concentrate on/put all your efforts on a person or on an object (taken from the Larousse dictionary). 

“In zero seconds you have to concentrate all your energy and power,” said Cayetano Soto about the duo. The piece, accompanied by music by Philip Glass, is danced in a reduced stage space in order to focus more attention on the performers. With an aesthetic that borders on perfection, the two dancers move in sculptural postures combining power and flexibility.

"A technically fabulous pas de deux, performed by two incredible performers."

- Savoie (Albertville, France)

Choreography Cayetano Soto

Assistant to the choreographer Laura Fernandez Castello

Music Philip Glass

Costume Design Cayetano Soto

Lighting Cayetano Soto et Daniel Ranger

World Premiere Banff, Canada, October 2010

Duration 7 minutes

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