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Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

With Zip Zap Zoom, the choreographer takes her dancers into the virtual world of online games. This entertainment has become a real escape these days and has many fans. It’s a world in which you can invent a new identity, where the choices are infinite and winning remains the ultimate goal. The choreographer goes in search of the “real” emotions and reflexes that can arise between “avatars” (these alter egos used on forums and other Internet communities) within the world of electronic music and virtual reality.

"Ochoa’s creation Zip Zap Zoom, presented in its world premiere, is an explosive dance that transports us into the virtual world of video games. It is fascinating to see how the dancers transform themselves into virtual characters, even going so far as to take on abstract expressions. Each level of the game involves new dance forms – elements of hip hop, ballroom dancing, cabaret – which are performed with lively energy and a lot of personality by the artists."

- Kris Eitland, San Diego Arts (San Diego, United States)

"This piece is more than relevant and more than topical. It is contemporary and represents the world of today’s dance. Ochoa is a skilled choreographer who knows how to recognize the possibilities offered by this constantly changing art world. During her studies, she was seen as 'a rising star of the Dutch scene' and Annabelle Lopez Ochoa easily demonstrated that she had become this star today. She fully deserves the honors for this absolutely phenomenal work."

- Rachel Holdt, Temecula Dance Examiner (Temecula, USA)

Chorégraphie Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

Assistante chorégraphe Céline Cassone

Musique Bart Rijnink, Michel Banabila, Kostas Papadopoulos, Henri Sauguet / Juliette Gréco, Thomas Hellman

Conception des costumes Yso

Vidéaste Javier Velazquez

Éclairages Daniel Ranger

Durée 30 min

Première mondiale Octobre 2009, San Diego CA, États-Unis

Photographie Nicholas Minns

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