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La Parenthèse - Christophe Garcia interpreted by Ballets Jazz Montréal

From February 18 to March 1, 2025, Danse Danse and CAPAS invite the public to the Hôtel Le Germain Montréal for the immersive contemporary dance experience NIEBO HOTEL. A recreation of the hit by French company La Parenthèse - Christophe Garcia, performed by Ballets Jazz Montréal, the free-form show invites spectators to be voyeurs and accomplices in six grandiose stories of intimacy.

NIEBO HOTEL: Who are we in a night without limits?
Forbidden lovers who can't leave each other.

A young woman who finally tastes the joy of solitude.

A lonely man who regains a taste for life after midnight... 

The intimate rooms reveal those stolen moments when our most cherished dreams come to life. In small groups, the audience watches the secret dance of these fleeting moments. The music, the magic of the venue, and the video complement the dance, paying homage to those fleeting moments when our dreams finally come to life. NIEBO HOTEL invites everyone to celebrate the fantasies and memories that play out behind closed doors. In this hotel in the sky, this NIEBO of the night, we are nothing more than our deepest yearnings.

A multi-faceted experience
Thanks to personalized invitations and a changing room order, each viewing experience is unique. Spectators move from one room to the next as if through the chapters of a book. It's up to each spectator to create his or her own narrative thread at the end of the 75-minute experience, in which the rooms of Hôtel Germain Montréal become stages for these living and breathing scenes. The diverse talents and vulnerability of Ballets Jazz Montréal's dancers can be observed up close, felt just a few centimetres away in a way that a theatre experience can not. The brilliance of this show is perhaps the fact that each experience is truly unique and creates a different poem to everyone who comes to enjoy it.

Uniting around accessible and breathtaking dance
NIEBO HOTEL is a Quebec adaptation of the French work by choreographer Christophe Garcia. This re-creation is made possible by the boldness and vision of Danse Danse - the show's co-producer - and the invaluable collaboration of Ballets Jazz Montréal, Le Germain Montréal and La Parenthèse - Christophe Garcia, the work's presenting partners. CAPAS brings together its partners to pursue its mission of producing works that democratize dance. NIEBO HOTEL builds bridges between the world of tourism and the art of choreography. This major, demanding project brings dance ever closer to the public, enabling them to (re)discover the moving power of movement.


Co-producers Danse Danse & CAPAS

Choreography Christophe Garcia

Photography Sylvie-Ann Paré

Artistes Gustavo Barros, Yosmell Calderon Mejias, Astrid Dangeard, Shanna Irwin, Miu Kato, DaMond LeMonte Garner, Larissa Leung, and Marcel Mejia

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