// Music by Patrick Watson

Outside – night.

A woman waits in a bus shelter, alone. The lights of the night reflect on the wet ground. The glow of a moonbeam. Perhaps the lights of a car off in the distance. Sitting on a generic bench, the woman remains motionless. Even her breathing seems to have stopped. She doesn’t remember how long she’s been there. Or how she got there. In her pocket, an old photo. And the remnants of its faded memories.

Around her, the glass walls of the bus shelter fade away. The reflective lines on the road lengthen until they merge with the silhouette of the trees, in a forest that penetrates every pore of her skin. In the half-light, bodies come to life. Intertwine. Memories suddenly rise up in a powerful wave, submerging her.

In the dead of night, a strange dance begins between this woman and the ghosts of her past.

Following the immense success of Dance Me, which was dedicated to the works of Leonard Cohen, director Eric Jean returns to BJM to create a new show featuring the music of yet another renowned Montreal artist. Immersed in a dreamlike lyrical world, this contemporary ballet is rooted in the music of author, composer, and performer Patrick Watson, whose potently evocative poetry has been hailed across the globe.

Tinged with lyricism and raw emotion, VANISHING MÉLODIES is a testament to the remarkable choreographic language of Juliano Nunes (Germany) and Anne Plamondon (Quebec). In this work of twenty musical pieces, the two choreographers combine their talents to create a unified work in perfect synergy with Watson’s music.

For one of the first times in Ballets Jazz Montréal’s history, an actress shares the stage with the company’s fourteen performers. This exhilarating intersection of dance and theatre, which first began with Dance Me, returns once again with an unforgettable performance pulsating with raw emotion.

And I will remember…
Even if I’m drifting far away/
But I will remember…
Even if I’m fading all away/
I dip my hands into the sea/
Oh, I’ll pour the ocean over me/
And after all the tides had swallowed all the shore/ I couldn’t find you anymore

— Patrick Watson – Drifters

Ballets Jazz Montréal would like to thank Mrs. Judy Bronfman for the precious support given to the creation of the show.