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Andonis Foniadakis

In this creation for Ballets Jazz Montréal, the choreographer draws his inspiration from the world around us and the frenzy that people experience on a daily basis in a city. His observations were the trigger for creating choreographic gestures inspired by these mass movements, moments of agitation and the urban whirlwind. Andonis, however, seeks to find a counterweight, to bring out a beauty and to translate this movement into a dance which is intended to be a unifying, enjoyable and liberating moment. A dance based on a clear gesture where the clan formed by the performers must coexist. A moment of reunion, of coming together and letting go, liberating from tensions, as opposed to the restrictions imposed by our modern society. Once again, this creation will bear the distinctive mark of Ballets Jazz Montréal, characterized by pure, festive energy, a celebration of the human being, their beauty and their creative force.


Choreography Andonis Foniadakis

Music Julien Tarride

Lighting James Proudfoot

Costume Design Philippe Dubuc

World Premiere Lakewood, United States, October 2014

Duration 35 minutes

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