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Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

The duo Locked up Laura was created for the dancers of Ballets Jazz Montréal, Céline Cassone and James Gregg, which premiered in October 2009 in San Diego.

"Set to music by Bart Rijnink, the work surprises from the moment Cassone’s thin and supple body lengthens and springs into the air. She is both relaxed and firm, and we are amazed by her technique and the energy of her presence."

- Kris Eitland, San Diego Arts (San Diego, United States)

Chorepgrapher Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

Music Bart Rijnink

Costume Design Yso

Lighting Daniel Ranger and Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

Photography Grégory Batardon 

World Premiere San Diego, United States, October 2009

Duration 10 minutes 

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