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Itzik Galili

The duet Mono Lisa, choreographed by Itzik Galili, is danced to a soundtrack made of the clicking of a typewriter. The work opens with several rows of spotlights that cast a bright light on the dark set and recreate the atmosphere of a factory. In this strange environment, imbued with sounds and visions of iron and steel, a couple of dancers dressed in rust-colored costumes twirl, twist and embrace in extraordinary rapid convolutions defying gravity. This pas de deux with breathtaking acrobatic movements is performed with absolute mastery.

"Movement is my language, my way of communicating. It is a language without words, which makes it all the more eloquent."

- Itzik Galili

"Galili’s art is based on his ability to play delicately with abstraction and narrative, creating works that leave a deep impression on us. To date, he is one of the only choreographers working in the Netherlands who can establish this fragile balance between humor, violence, lyricism, sexuality and elegance."

- Michael A. Kros, Ballettanz International

Choreography Itzik Galili

Music Tomas Hofs with Itzik Galili

Lighting Itzik Galili

Costume Design Natasja Lansen

Costume Production Anne-Marie Veevaete

World Premiere Montréal, Canada, December 2015

Duration 8 minutes

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