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Itzik Galili

After a trip to the Caribbean, Itzik Galili was inspired by this timeless music of the king of mambo to create a dynamic piece, infused with humorous touches, relaxed, sexy and full of beautiful madness.

"Sometimes, as adults, trivial events happen to us that take us back to our youth and its hopes. Pérez Prado's music, with its lightness, gives me a deep feeling of simple joy. I am delighted to see that the younger generation has an affinity with this music and to see the different emotions that it awakens in them: joy, laughter, but also a big smile..."

"Between fantasy and reality, the voice of reason

A boundary as thin as a tightrope, worshiping a dream

Finally trading joy for pain

with every breath

the soul of the possessed person who dances invades the horizon

and falls into the abyss."

- Itzik Galili

"Light, naughty, sprinkled with touches of humor, O Balcão de Amor is a great fiesta paying homage to the music of Pérez Prado, says the king of mambo (…). We smile as we watch the dancers sway their hips, glance at each other and slap each other on the buttocks. It's playful and lewd as can be, slightly irreverent and very entertaining."

- Iris Gagnon-Paradis, La Presse (Montreal, Canada)

Choreographer Itzik Galili

Music Pérez Prado

Lighting Itzik Galili

Costume Design Itzik Galili

Costume Production Anne-Marie Veevaete

World Premiere L’Assomption, Canada, September 2016

Duration 25 minutes

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